ADHD Assessments

At Brainworks Psychology, we offer a compassionate approach to ADHD assessment for individuals and their families.
ADHD assessment for individuals`
The Brainworks Psychology Approach
The Brainworks Psychology Approach

We provide a comprehensive assessment process to investigate the ADHD symptoms being experienced by the individual which involves:

  • Background Information: We gather relevant information from parents and the client themselves where appropriate, and consider relevant  developmental, psychological, and medical history, as well as school-related and/or occupational factors.
  • Cognitive Assessment: We assess the intellectual strengths and weaknesses of the individual using the standardised Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V) and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV). The ADHD assessment can provide a deeper understanding of how ADHD is affecting an individual and also helps to identify any other potential difficulties or disorders that might be present.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Our assessments begin with a detailed clinical interview and the collection of relevant information from the individual or the parents on behalf of their child. This information provides the psychologist with a detailed perspective of the client’s experienced symptoms and difficulties.
  • Consultation: We provide a professional and considerate consultation with our psychologist to discuss the assessment results and offer professional advice and recommendations.
  • Behaviour Assessment: We collect relevant information from parents, teachers, and nominated observers through questionnaires and forms, to develop an understanding of the individual’s behaviour at home, school, and in work environments. We use validated diagnostic ADHD assessment tools to evaluate symptoms, including the Conners Fourth Edition (Conners 4) for children and adolescents and the Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scales, Second Edition (CAARS-2) for adults.
  • Psychological Report: We provide a comprehensive written report that includes interpretation of results, conclusions, and recommendations for support and ongoing intervention. The recommendations outlined in the psychological report are designed to guide intervention and outline the necessary accommodations to support the individual, at home, school or at work.

We wish to highlight that an ADHD diagnosis is typically made by a psychiatrist or developmental paediatrician. The comprehensive report received from Brainworks Psychology will help inform the diagnosis made by the medical specialist who will then discuss appropriate treatment options with the individual.

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The Importance of ADHD Assessments

Individuals with ADHD often face various difficulties in their personal, academic and/or professional lives. These challenges can manifest in different ways, including difficulty concentrating, impulsivity, disorganisation, and restlessness. ADHD also presents differently in adults than in children, highlighting the importance of undergoing a specialised assessment to then receive an accurate diagnosis by the medical specialist.

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