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At Brainworks Psychology, we specialise exclusively in providing compassionate, expert ADHD assessments, right in the heart of Perth. Our team of dedicated psychologists approaches each assessment with care and empathy, ensuring that you’re not receiving a diagnosis, but a supportive guide through your ADHD journey.

With us, the wait is over – we proudly offer no waiting lists and guarantee comprehensive, evidence-based reports within 7-10 business days.

Why choose us for ADHD Assessments in Perth?

No wait lists & quick turnaround

At Brainworks Psychology, we understand the importance of timely support in your journey with ADHD. That's why we take pride in our no wait list policy, ensuring you get the attention and care you need without delay. Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive ADHD assessment reports within just 7-10 business days.

Convenient Perth Location

Located in North Perth, Brainworks Psychology offers easy access to professional ADHD assessments in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our central location ensures that you can find us easily, with convenient transport links and ample free parking.

No GP Referral Required

At Brainworks Psychology, we believe in making your journey to an ADHD assessment as smooth as possible, which is why we've removed the need for a GP referral. You can directly book an appointment with our specialised psychologists, simplifying your path to diagnosis and care.

Why get an ADHD Assessment?

ADHD is a lifelong condition that can significantly affect various parts of a person’s life, from educational and career success to personal relationships and routine activities. Without proper intervention, individuals with ADHD might struggle with diminished self-esteem and difficulties in social interactions.

In children, the absence of timely care can exacerbate challenges with self-image and peer relationships.

For adults, the repercussions often include a heightened sensitivity to critique and a tendency to be overly self-critical, frequently as a result of enduring criticism over the years.

Why choose Brainworks Psychology

At Brainworks Psychology, our expertise is solely focused on providing precise ADHD assessments. Located in Perth, our team consists of highly skilled psychologists trained in the comprehensive evaluation necessary to distinguish ADHD, ensuring your assessment is as accurate as possible.

With Brainworks Psychology, you’ll benefit from our no waiting list policy and the assurance of receiving your detailed report within 7-10 business days.

Brainworks Psychology is dedicated to leading the way in ADHD assessments, prioritising your needs with our specialised, swift, and empathetic approach. Let us guide you through this process with the care and precision you deserve.

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